Sunday, May 31, 2009

Tired but Ticking

Whew. Readership is up by 33%! Haha. I'd like to update with something, but I've had such an eventful last 4 days, frankly I am quite pooped. So here are some photos, for silent contemplation, a la A Chicken in Every Granny Cart:

And a second set to come, when I am not so tired that waiting 12 minutes for 4 pictures to load sounds unreasonable... A demain~

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Good things lately

Tonight's dinner (late): garlic eggplant, sour cream, and toasted pine nuts on wheat toast
Going to the gym (plus walking for 40 more minutes than usual in the mist)
Paying a bill at Macy's with exact change ($3.57)
Anticipation of seeing Arcadia at the Folger Shakespeare Theatre
Watching the Marcel Pagnol classic "Marius" on DVD last night

See? All these things must help me see that life is grand when some of the big things are not coming in line as I might like. They are my ... Arsenal.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Daube-y-, daube-y, dau... da da da da da...

Yes, that was an attempt to turn the recipe I just made- a beef "daube"- into a rendition of Strangers in the Night. When I am unfamiliar with a term, this is what I do to it- call me a murderer if you will.
Anyway, although my timing wasn't great, I think I came up with a wonderful riff on Sarah McColl's "Garlicky Beef Daube" recipe, which was in turn adapted from the Mark Bittman version (from his book How To Cook Everything, which I got from my sister for the birthday this year-yay!).
I didn't do much different- happened to have another ounce or two of wine in the bottle, so glugged it in. Didn't read the directions clearly enough, so put all 8 garlic cloves in at the beginning (but who can ever have too much garlic, enh?). And by the time I got back home from work and errands, I got this party started at around 815 PM, so I had already sated the hunger and this creation was clearly destined for another day. Consequently, it had about 12 hours of marinating, then got cooked (I'm a morning person- or at least a person who likes the smell of red wine and garlic simmering in the morning), left pretty liquidy, then cooled and squished back into the fridge for more flavor-swapping. And I won't even enjoy it tonight either! Because we are going out for a happy hour to send off a colleague who is leaving. Ah well, it shall be scrumptious tomorrow for dinner. Will add photos later...

And yes, I will also add photos from my try at the asparagus and morel recipe- pretty dern good!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Quote I've been wrestling with

The mother of excess is not joy but joylessness

- Friedrich Nietzsche

3 Goals for the week

Number One: Make beets with garlic-walnut sauce by Bittman: here

Number Two: Make asparagus with morels and tarragon, also a la Bittman: here
(I finally splurged on the mushroom stand at the Dupont Farmer's Market!)

Number Three: List social causes that I think are worth pursuing and researching further (i.e. non-GMO food, gender equality, etc)

And do all this 1) without losing my train of thought 2) without sounding crazy and 3) without feeling crazy lonely.

And here are some pictures from my fab weekend in California with the fam, just for fun. Everything seems to be in 3s for this post: 1)Mom's roses, prepped for the trip to the restaurant 2) me reaching UP to touch the top of Mom's artichoke plant- out of control!! :-) 3) Michelle and Jacob, awwww.....